We build and rent portable cabins and deliver to you

What are our cabins used for?

Site Office
Holiday Accommodation
Extra Room
Sales Office
A place to work from home
And as varied as your own needs

Our rental sleepouts are built and supplied to the highest quality, and delivered directly to your site. If you need to rent a sleepout, or rent a cabin, we DELIVER ONLY IN AUCKLAND FROM WELLSFORD TO PUKEKOHE

Sleepout Specifications

Our company values sustainability

3.6 x 2.4 metres

Option for window to be on the left or right side

2 power points

1 external security light

Ranch slider and one opening window

Low VOC( Volatile organic compunds) internal painting

Shadow clad exterior cladding

Fully insulated

1 internal light

Pure New Zealand wool carpet

Curtain rails

Ranch slider and lockable window with key


Rental FROM $55 per week – payments can be set fortnightly or monthly according to your request

Delivery is free – includes removal at the end of the period

Minimum hire period 6 months (or less by negotiation)

Notice for return of cabin – 3 weeks

A bond of $220 applies for cabins

Hiab to lift the cabin into place can be arranged when there is no access for a trailer delivery (charges apply)


What makes your sleepouts better than others?
We offer fully insulated, secure, comfortable sleepouts at a very affordable $55 per week. Most are more expensive, from $65 per week, right up to $90 per week. Delivery and removal of your sleepout is free. Only $275 in upfront ‘move in’ costs. This includes a $220 bond and $55 for the first weeks rent. Friendly and responsive service. You deal directly with the owner, me, John Turner. We make the process of renting a sleepout simple, fast and easy. Give me (John Turner) a call on 0800 256 625 and I’ll be happy to help you get started.
What is the upfront ‘move in’ cost to have a sleepout delivered to my property, including bond and first week’s rent?
$220 for the bond. $55 for the first weeks rent. Total of $275 that is payable when the sleepout is delivered.
What is the delivery fee?
Delivery is free. Removal of your sleepout is also free.
What areas do you deliver to?
We can deliver and setup your sleepout anywhere in Auckland from Wellsford to Pukekohe.
What is the process to rent a sleepout?
Simply call me on 0800 256 625 or complete an application online.

With your permission I will conduct a credit check.

I will send you the rental agreement to review via email. Please read through and then sign. I will pick this up when I deliver the sleepout.

On the day that suits you I will deliver the sleepout to your address.

Before I setup the sleepout I will ask you for the rental agreement, the $275 bond and $55 rent for the first week.

Your sleepout will then be setup on your property.
How long does it take to get a sleepout onto my property?
Within 24 hours if you’re in a hurry. We can deliver on a date and time that best suits you.
Why do I need to approve a credit check?
We only want to rent a sleepout to people who have a history of paying their bills on time. A credit check is the best way for us to be confident of your ability to pay the rent. A little harsh I know, but we want long term, happy customers. This keeps our rental rates low as we’re not spending time chasing up bad debts.
What is the minimum rental period?
6 months.
Why do you have a minimum six month term?
We want long term customers. There is little profit in renting a sleepout for only a few months once you take into account the time and cost of processing an application, delivering the sleepout, removing the sleepout and then cleaning the sleepout before renting it out again. For this reason we ask for a minimum six month term. If you want to rent for a shorter period, you can, you will just be liable for six months of rent, i.e. $1,430.
What if I want to cancel my sleepout rental earlier than six months?
If you want to cancel and return your sleepout earlier than six months, then you will have to pay the remainder of the six month term. For example if you rent a sleepout for 22 weeks out of a 26 week term, and then you decide to return your sleepout, then you will have to pay for the remaining four weeks of the 26 week (six month) contract. This would be $220 in this case.
Do you offer a discount if I rent a sleepout for longer, say 12 months or more?
No. Our weekly rental of $55 is one of the least expensive available. With us you start saving on week one rather than waiting six or 12 months to get a loyalty discount. Even five dollars per week extra adds up to $260 in just one year.
What if I don’t own the property where the sleepout is going?
You will have to get written permission from the landlord before you can install a sleepout on the property.
How do I hook up power to the sleepout?
We give you a 10 metre insulated power cord to connect power from the nearest power outlet into your sleepout.
A 10 metre fully insulated power cord is included and hooks up to this power unit.

A 10 metre fully insulated power cord is included and hooks up to this power unit.

How do I setup phone and internet in my sleepout?
There is no internal telephone jack point with our sleepouts. We offered this initially but our customers preferred to connect to the internet using WiFi and make phone calls from their mobiles.
How secure is my sleepout?
The sleepout is fully lockable. The sliding door is operated by key. A security light is also installed on the front entrance to help you when returning at night and also to ward off any potential thieves.

Fully lockable window latches

Lockable sliding door.

Lockable sliding door.

Security lights ward off thieves and help you find your keys!

Security lights to ward off thieves and help you find your keys!

Will the sleepout be able to get down my driveway?
Your driveway needs to be at least 3 metres high and 2.6 metres wide in order to fit our sleepouts down your driveway.
Are your sleepouts insulated? How warm are they during the winter?
Yes, the sleepouts are fully insulated and warm during the winter. A small oil column heater will heat up your sleepout quickly during the winter if need be.

It looks like carpet, but this a movable carpet rug to keep your sleepout warm.

What is the best position on my property for my sleepout?
Our sleepouts have a side window to allow for more light. It is best if this window is north facing so it captures the heat of the sun. We will ensure your sleepout is positioned in the right direction when it is setup.
To harness the sun's warmth we recommend you position your sleepout so that this side window is north facing.

To harness the sun’s warmth we recommend you position your sleepout so that this side window is north facing.

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